Called as a language of future.A powerful and beautiful language often neglected by Indian universities but used as a first language in most of the foreign universities.Google makes extensive use of python and is mostly preferred for most of their projects. Many students find it difficult to learn a programming language by looking at C/C++. Start with python and you will find them actually falling in love with programming. According to Toibe Index ,Python has the largest market share increase in 2013 and 2014. Django framework - a competitor for java frameworks like spring/hybernate and .net framework. An emerging framework for web development and well known for developing speedy websites. Most companies are on a look out for python/django developers which is difficult to find. This framework is totally developed in Python.


PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) one of the world’s most popular scripting Programming languages for Web development. the language is today in use on over fourty million Web sites and more than a third of the world’s Web servers. Over the last few years, PHP has become the de facto choice for the development of data-driven Web applications, notably on account of its scalability, ease of use, and Widespread support for different databases and data formats.

Digital Marketing

We Cover SEO,SEM,SMM and Google AdWords.

Web Development/Servers

Includes technologies like html, css, Javascript and its frameworks, ajax, responsive websites , apache/nginix.

PC/Laptop Assembly

We conduct workshop in shcools and colleges .we teach students how to assemble and disassemble laptop and Desktop . we conduct free workshop in schools .if you want to conduct workshop then feel free to contact us .

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